Right from the early age, applications of Trigonometry were used in Astronomy and Geography. It has its vast use in navigation, land survey, measurement of height and distance. Learning Trigonometry is useful in real life situations as well.

Trigonometry is used in other branches of Math like Calculus, Linear Algebra and Statistics. Apart from its usage in other Math fields, it is applied in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

Learning Trigonometry would not be difficult if one has the fundamental knowledge in Algebra and Geometry and brushes up his skills in Algebra manipulation and basic geometric patterns like the circle before joining Trigonometry classes. Starting with right-angled triangles and getting familiar with the three sides of these triangles help students understand the fundamental concepts of the subject with ease. Next, they need to know the functions of three basic ratios (sine, cosine and tangent).

Knowing the definition of sine is important for solving trigonometric equations and proving identities. Knowing the definition of cosine helps a student in the basic study of the subject. When students get ahead with learning non right-sided triangles, they start knowing about sine rule and cosine rule. The sine rule is useful for finding out the properties of a triangle. Cosine rule is used to find out the properties of a non right triangle. Learning these rules is helpful for doing Trigonometry without hassle.

There are other three Trigonometric ratios like cosecant, secant and cotangent which are the reciprocals of sine, cosine and tangent. Having good grounded skills in all the six ratios is unavoidable for attempting Trigonometry sums, equations and identities with confidence.

If one has the fundamental knowledge of Algebra and Geometry, his scores in Trigonometry prove higher than those of others and he is sure to enter the gateway for college Calculus without struggle. Further, good computational skills are expected of a student to do Trigonometry sums without hindrance.

Since Trigonometry questions have a major share in SAT question paper, it is good for high school students to take the subject seriously and prepare it without room for doubt. As it is the case with any other Math branch, practice plays a major role in doing Trigonometry and those who have an ambition to pursue higher courses in Math need to pay extra attention to this subject from the outset through which they can boost their Standardized test scores.

Learning Trigonometry is now becoming easy through interactive modes and online teaching tools. Computation is also not a great problem today with online calculators which provide answers for even the toughest sums in Trigonometry. Still, students need to strengthen their ideas of ratios to excel in graphs and proving identities at the advanced level.

Online Trigonometry tutors make the subject learning easy via their white board teachings and intuitive methods and help students understand basic Trigonometry without confusion. Homework help for the subject from online tutors is also a boon for struggling students in Trigonometry. They can get fine solutions for their loopholes in the subject and strengthen their fundamental skills in Trigonometry via expert tutors in the field.